A downloadable game for Windows

A simple horror game.




1. Walking bug is fixed

2. New shotgun model

3. Improved shadow

4. Added new scene

5. Etc.



*Gameplay  by CorpsebombKeef on Youtube

*This is beta version


Campst [Prototype].rar (Oldest) 23 MB
Campst [BETA].rar (Latest) 33 MB


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Nice job on the update! This game's a lot of fun. And thanks for the shoutouts in the game! That was a nice surprise!

Your welcome :)

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Hey, this is actually pretty good! I don't know why people are saying its too hard. You want the ghosts to be somewhat of a threat otherwise it would only take like 30 seconds to beat. The only problem i saw was that W doesn't walk straight forward while holding the flashlight and its a bit dark with the shotgun. Maybe give the shotty a little light or something. Other than that, i really enjoyed it and would love to see more of this. Thanks!


Thank you for playing my game, i will fix the bugs in next update😁

Its difficukt to play + i cant jump straight

Every time i tried to jump,it always jump to the right or left side

I will fix it later

Need improvements. Its difficult to play ghosts attack quickly and cant reach shotgun.

Ok, i will fix it in the next update

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let me help you

1. The ghost attack quickly so player cant figure out what to do. So need time to move around. Like spawn player where he can move around.

2. When I press W it doesn't go straight but tilted straight.

3. The sounds are very fast and annoy ,u can change it.

4. When I reached that blue part I fell down cant move forward.

I like the scene very toy kind of that's cool.

Hope you get better Will play next time good Luck Bro :) Keep improving and making games

Thanks for your help